Robotic solutions that are at the leading edge of automation.

StrongPoint Automation is a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of world-class robotic solutions and conveyor systems within Alberta. We combine years of industry experience, passion and ingenuity to offer reliable, innovative and cost effective solutions to our customers. From conceptual design through to complete factory acceptance testing, StrongPoint delivers quality standard and custom solutions within a broad range of applications and industries.

StrongPoint Automation has the capabilities to rapidly turn facility design concepts into detailed, engineered solutions. Our solutions are designed to offer the maximum throughput capacities and improve efficiencies. Our experience with warehousing, inventory / controls integration, high speed sorting, pick to order, transportation conveyor and accumulation conveyor are all part of the complete engineered solutions we offer to companies in Alberta.

We provide robotic solutions to customers in Alberta

Robotic Palletizers
Our robotic palletizers in Alberta can maximize your return on investment and fit into almost any available space. By using StrongPoint standard or custom designed End Of Arm Tools (EOAT) we are able to handle everything from RSC cases, shrink-wrapped bundles and open trays to a wide range of unique packages. Whether it is single case, mutliple case or full layer case handling, StrongPoint can design and implement the required solution to fit your needs.

Robotic Case Packers
StrongPoint has the right case packers solution to automate your process. Our wide range of infeed configurations and footprints ensure a great fit into your packaging process in Alberta.

Robotic Cartoning
StrongPoint offers custom robotic cartoning services to our clients in Alberta. Our integration capabilities connect component pieces, such as cartoners, sealers, fillers, into your production line seamlessly. StrongPoint will organize the right piece of machinery or accommodate existing pieces to make your production work smoothly.

Robotic Top Load Cartoning
Our top load cartoning machines in Alberta feature designs that are ideally suited for many applications for your facility. StrongPoint's top load cartoning systems can drastically reduce your Alberta facility's labour costs and increase line efficiency.

Tabletop Conveyors
StrongPoint Automation provides a wide range of tabletop conveyors to Alberta plants and facilities. Their construction makes them ideal for use in the packaging and food handling industries. Our conveyors can be used in a variety of configurations to create a custom system for your material handling needs.

Bottle Conveyors
StrongPoint provides custom bottle conveyors solutions to Alberta facilities. We have belted conveyors, roller conveyors, and gravity conveyors to help automate, handle and sort all of your materials and bottles.

Sortation Conveyors
StrongPoint specializes in sortation conveyor solutions. We offer different automation services and conveyor configurations to help you determine the best solution for your sortation needs within your Alberta facility.

Robotic Bag Palletizers
At StrongPoint Automation, we help with your robotic bag palletizing needs, no matter where you are. In Alberta, we help provide custom solutions through the use of our robotic bag palletizers. They help maximize your return on investment and can fit into almost any available space.

Product Conveyors
StrongPoint’s product conveyor systems can be custom designed and built to suit your individual needs in Alberta. All our product conveyors are tested before shipping to Alberta, to ensure our customers always receive the highest quality results.

Hytrol Conveyors
StrongPoint has partnered with a select group of premier conveyor manufacturers in an effort to allow you to integrate all of your conveying needs from a single, convenient source. We have a partnership with Hytrol and can offer Hytrol conveyors to Alberta customers.

Robotic Pick and Place
Robotic pick and place automation can speed up the process of picking your parts up and then placing them in a different location. Our robotic pick and place solutions can help your Alberta facility increase production rates and ensure long-term savings to your company.

Mattop Conveyors
StrongPoint Automation provides mattop conveyors to our Alberta customers. We have a wide range of mattop conveyors, and are perfect for use in the packaging and food handling industries.

Can Conveyors
StrongPoint works on custom conveyors for unique applications. We regularly provide can conveyor solutions for facilities in Alberta who work in the food, beverage, and consumer goods industries.

StrongPoint Automation provides custom automated solutions in Alberta. From automated guided vehicles to custom conveyor solutions, we work with you to provide your Alberta facility with the best that automation has to offer.