Robotic Solutions

StrongPoint Automation has developed a reputation as a highly knowledgeable supplier of quality automated production systems. We specialize in developing leading-edge, high-tech solutions for customers in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) and other industries requiring high-performance robotic and conveying systems to optimize their manufacturing and packaging processes. From the initial analysis, to design, full implementation and support, StrongPoint has the skills and experience to take your business to the next level.

With rates exceeding 40 cases per minute, StrongPoint robotic palletizers can maximize your return on investment and fit into almost any available space. By using StrongPoint standard or custom designed End Of Arm Tools (EOAT) we are able to handle everything from RSC cases, shrink-wrapped bundles and open trays to a wide range of unique packages. Whether it is single case, mutliple case or full layer case handling, StrongPoint can design and implement the required solution to fit your needs.

StrongPoint’s integration capabilities connect component pieces, such as cartoners, sealers, fillers, into your production line seamlessly. StrongPoint will organize the right piece of machinery or accommodate existing pieces to make your production work smoothly.

Case Packers
StrongPoint Automation robotic top load case packing systems can drastically reduce your labour costs and increase line efficiency. Whether you are packing bags, bottles, pouches, cartons or clamshells, StrongPoint has the right solution to automate your process. Our wide range of infeed configurations and footprints ensure a great fit into your packaging process.

Our robotic depalletizing systems are specifically designed to achieve rates in excess of 6 layers per minute, exceeding the industry norm. Each system is configured and designed to match your product geometry, handling characteristics and load height. Our depalletizers range from simple de-stackers to completely automated solutions featuring full pallet accumulation, tier sheet and top frame removal in conjunction with fully automatic pallet magazines.