Our robotic depalletizing systems are specifically designed to achieve rates in excess of 6 layers per minute, exceeding the industry norm. Each system is configured and designed to match your product geometry, handling characteristics and load height. Our depalletizers range from simple de-stackers to completely automated solutions featuring full pallet accumulation, tier sheet and top frame removal in conjunction with fully automatic pallet magazines.

Applicable Robots

The M-410iB series is a latest-generation palletizing industrial robot. The unit is engineered for precision high-speed and high-payload operation, user-friendly setup, and maximum reliability. The M-410iB is a four- axis, electric servo-driven robot with an integrated mechanical and control unit designed for a wide variety of manufacturing and palletizing system processes.

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The M-430iA is a design optimized for high-speed, sustained picking and packing. To meet the needs of the food industry, the M-430iA was designed for primary and secondary food handling. It is supported by the intelligent robot control system and can work with high-speed visual tracking. The robot offers flexibility in mounting, including floor, wall and invert configurations.

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The M-710iC series is designed for a variety of manufacturing and system processes. Engineered for extremely high speed, application flexibility and reliability, the M-710iC series delivers repeatable precision and unparalleled performance. With the Severe Dust and Liquid Protection (SDLP) option, these robots are ideal for use in harsh environments.

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The R-2000iA series is a six-axis, heavy-payload, high-performance family of industrial robots perfect for automotive spot welding and general assembly, general industrial applications, material removal and more. The R-2000iA provides value with high performance, reliability and maintainability. It features the SYSTEM R-J3iB intelligent robot control system.

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Applicable Products

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